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The Lange Style of English Lambeth - Mini Boot Camp 101


The Lange Style of English Lambeth Overpiping

Have you seen the British style royal wedding cakes, which feature English style overpiping, and wanted to create a design of your own? During this mini boot camp workshop, Kathleen will be demonstrating and teaching the Old-World Joseph Lambeth Method, while modernizing with her own style. Kathleen will take you through every step necessary so you can create this stunning cake. Learning the basic steps from start to finish will allow you to develop the skills necessary to create your own masterpiece. Watching this instructional DVD will give the viewer an insight into the Lange/Lambeth method, similar to attending a class personally with Kathleen.

Free Downloadable Pamphlet

This DVD includes a free electronic pamphlet that will be available just after checkout.
  1. Mini Bootcamp 101
  2. Dividing the Cake
  3. Decorating Bags
  4. Royal Icing
  5. Basic Piping 101
  6. Applying Borders (steps 1, 2, and 3)
  7. Applying Side Swag Borders
  8. Preparing Decorating Bags and Basic Stringwork
  9. Applying Stringwork Overpiping
  10. Completing the Borders
  11. Embellishments and Highlighting
  12. Final Touches
Approx. 2 Hour 12 Minutes.

Note, DVDs are in NTSC format, and may be played on any PC with appropriate software.

Purchase of 3 or more DVDs will be shipped in a box, rather than an envelope. This may increase shipping cost.

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