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4 Day - Lange/Lambeth Boot Camp 101-201 (or) 301-401 (1 Spaces Left)

Class No: 2090

4 Day - Lange/Lambeth Boot Camp 101-201 (or) 301-401 (1 Spaces Left)During this class, depending on your skill level you have the option of attending Kathleen's FAMOUS Boot Camp 101 & 201 (or) 301-401.

Kathleen will be teaching the Old-World Joseph Lambeth Method, while modernizing with her own techniques. Basic Lambeth Techniques will be covered during Lambeth 101, with more advanced Lambeth techniques covered in Lambeth 201. This class moves much more quickly than the 4 day.

Students attending Lambeth 101 & 201 will be learning the following:
How to hold the bag and tips properly,
To be exact with every squeeze of their decorating bag,
How to start the correct foundation for Lambeth,
How to master the perfect zigzag shell, scroll, swag and puff & elongated puff borders,
3 dimensional over-piping techniques,
Bead/pearl borders,
Embellishing techniques,
Stringwork; how to pipe and apply stringwork,
How to pipe advanced stringwork, lace heart pieces and how to apply to your cakes,

Each student will be completing at least four sections on their individual cake dummy, learning six to eight different borders /designs or more.

Student's attending Lambeth Boot Camp 301 and 401 will be completing a project cake. Each will be increasing their knowledge from previously attending Kathleen's Boot Camp 101-201, continue learning more advanced Lange-Lambeth techniques.

Students attending the Lambeth 301 & 401 will be learning the following:

Cushion border, dimensional work below cushion and elevated scrolls, extension work
Figure piping birds and swans
Side scroll embellishing and more advanced Overpiping techniques
Royal icing flood work/run outs and gum paste plaques

All borders are shown; depending on each individual student and the skill level, all depends on how much the individual student will be able to complete and finish.

During this course, all borders are shown; depending on each individual student and the skill level, depends on how much the individual student will be able to complete and finish.

This is a VERY ADVANCED TECHNIQUE each student is learning and requires students to practice after attending the classes to perfect the techniques.

International students may not be able to do an entire project cake due to air travel; we will do smaller practice pieces depending on individual travel arrangements, space, etc.

One half retainer required to hold space in class, final payment due first day of attendance with cash or credit card. Payment can also be made using the PayPal Payment Plan. Thank you!

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Class Begins: Starts Thursday, May 17, 2018
Class Ends: Ends Sunday, May 20,2018,  
Class Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Class Fee: $895.00 per person
Location: Confectionary Chalet Studio, Alpine

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